Black Entrepreneur Launches Ridesharing App To Compete With Uber

It’s not every day that an entrepreneur wakes up and decides that they want to compete with a well-known company. The creator of ridesharing app, Moovn, Godwin Gabriel, decided that Uber needed some competition and that he would create an app that would change the game (literally). 


Godwin Gabriel was born in Tanzania, Africa and was able to witness how useful an app like Moovn could be in his country. The buzz surrounding this black owned start-up company is turning heads left and right in the tech world. When Gabriel first pitched his business idea to investors they quickly pointed out that it would be tough to get on a platform like Uber.  The app was created to serve developing countries in Africa who could really benefit from this form of technology. It’s a market that Uber hasn’t saturated yet so it was a good place for Gabriel to start his company.  One feature that most users are going to love is the ability to pre schedule their pick in advance. 

 Gabriel states that “Moovn initially launched in six U.S. markets before expanding to Sub-Saharan Africa in March. The app lets users book rides instantly or ahead of time, and they can select the vehicle they’d prefer. In addition to cars, Moovn also has options for more affordable vehicles like motorcycles and tricycles (also known as TukTuks).”

Moovn has 12 people on its team that are based at its Seattle headquarters and has employed 37 people who work full time at Moovn who support all of Gabriel’s Sub-Saharan operations.

Congrats Gabriel! We love this