Sister, Sister To Return!

The Mowry twins are back and our favorite 90’s childhood television show is returning! That's right! Sister Sister starring Tia and Tamera Mowry, is in the works of returning with a creative reunion. The entire cast from the original show agreed to the reunion, leaving fans excited to watch the new creation.

Sister Sister was a television sitcom that aired from 1994-1999, with six successful seasons. It originally starred the Mowry twins, Jackee Harry, Tim Reid, and Marques Houston. Tia and Tamera were twins separated at birth and adopted by a different parent. After the girls met, their parents moved in together allowing the girls to be together also. Sister Sister was a show full of emotion, laughs, love, drama and family.

cred: Gettyimages

cred: Gettyimages

Recently, Tamera Mowry told Hollywood Life there is a reunion in the works for the ’90s sitcom. The now 38-year-old actress and star of talk show The Real stated, ““We kind of have the idea. It’s really cool. The entire cast is down for it,” she told us! “We’re looking for a studio, then it will be 100 percent. But, we are in the process of making it happen.”

It will be interesting to see how the cast will pull this reunion off after being off-air for seventeen years. The possibility of a Sister Sister reunion is very likely, so get ready for what is now in the works. Straight from the mouth of Tamera Mowry, us 90s babies have something to look forward too. Stay tuned as we gather more details on when the reunion will air!