Jay Z Reportedly Donates $1 Million To Get Special Rehab For DMX

Jay Z has shown himself to be a stand-up man over the years of his career. He is without a doubt one of the most influential people in the music rap industry. Now he is helping an idol get back on the track. He has played a big role in shaping music with rap deals, clothes and other endorsements. He has created careers and brought thriving artist to the music industry such as Beanie Sigel and even Rihanna. The one thing this rapper is known for is being a businessman and making great decisions. During a backstage visit at his wife Beyonce’s Formation World Tour, Jay Z, Ja Rule and veteran rapper, DMX, all came together for a little pow wow and according to B95forlife.iheart.com, Jay Z has signed DMX to his label Roc Nation to revive the rapper's career and also sources say he is paying $1 million for DMX to get special rehab for his addiction. This is a noble thing to do!

 According to Rap-up.com, most know Murder Inc. as Ja Rule’s former record label, but the name also belonged to a short-lived group formed by Ja Rule, Jay Z, and DMX in 1999. The three men went through some ups and downs and the group didn’t last long, forcing the trio to go their separate ways and forming booming solo careers. Since then they have not been seen together but all seemed well on Friday (Oct 7) when they reunited at Bey’s final performance. Backstage, Ja, Hov, and X bonded over laughter, old times, and rhymes.

Congrats to all three of the men for putting their differences aside and congrats to Jay and DMX on their new deal and X getting himself together.