Getting Acquainted With Young M.A

It's no question you've heard the song "Ooouuu", unless you just didn't listen to the radio over the summer. You may have even seen meme's throughout social media, endorsing the lyric "you call her Stephanie? I call headphanie." So who is behind the newest and latest craze? Female rapper Young M.A. (M.A abbreviated for me always). The Brooklyn native along with Dave East have been representing hard for the state of New York lately, bringing the heat back to rap. The summer single has been getting so much attention, that other well known artist such as Remy Ma, and Nicki Minaj, have been spitting their own version to it. Even Young M.A’s favorite rapper, 50 cent, decided to join, by collaborating with her on the official remix. 

So what's next for the 24 year old? After turning down the role of “Betty Bars” now known as “Freddy Gatz, for hit show Empire, she is solely focusing on her music. The unsigned rapper recently released a video for her freestyle to a Mobb Deep classic "Quiet Storm,", a song she released a year ago on mixtape, “SleepWalkin”.

In the song she gives you 3 bars on her struggle, hunger, and pain:

“I’m from the jungle, to feel success you gotta struggle/To get where I’m at I had to hustle, that’s why I’m humble/I had to cry, I had to hurt, I was at my worst.”

You might as well get acquainted with Young M.A because clearly she has no intentions of leaving your timeline.