Beyonce & Jay Z Donates $15 Million To Haiti

Beyoncé and Jay Z  just donated $15 Million to Haiti. After last week’s devastating Hurricane Matthew, swept through Haiti leaving over 600 dead, 3,200 homes destroyed and 15,000 people displaced. Track and Field star, Usain Bolt, also gave a generous amount of money to the country by donating $10 million in efforts to help rebuild the country that's in desperate need right now.

This is the worst humanitarian crisis since the earthquake back in January of 2010, which left 1.5 million displaced, 300,000 injured and 220,000 killed. Matthew was named a Category 4 hurricane. 61,000 people are now in 192 temporary shelters.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are definitely showing that celebrities use their money and power for good. The money that was donated went to the Usain Bolt Foundation.

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 Since Beyoncé and Jay Z are so influential this may get other celebrities to jump on board and want to donate to Haiti as well. The country could use everyone's help at the moment. The dynamic duo are no strangers to donating and giving back to the community. The power couple has given 1.5 million to Black Lives Matter back in February of this year. 

Beyoncé and Jay Z also gave back separately on several different occasions. Here are a list of the organizations that have benefited from the couple.


  1. Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
  2. Feeding America 
  3. Artist for Peace and Justice 

Jay Z

  1. Music for Relief 
  2. Grammy Foundation 
  3. Keep A Child Alive

Those are just a few of the many foundations and organizations that they have supported. Bey and Jay aren't just in the public eye to look good and flash their wealth around. They actually do use their voices for good and help others and other countries in desperate need.

So the next time you think to judge any celebrity for what they have, search a bit deeper to see all the good they have or are doing.