Big Sean Donates $10,000 To The Children of Flint Michigan

Big Sean is among the list of celebrities donating to the people impacted by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. With the help of Crowd Rise, the rapper's nonprofit has successfully launched the #HealFlintKids campaign, which aims to help families with children who have been exposed to toxic water. All proceeds of the fundraiser will go towards The Community Foundation of Greater Flint Michigan. 

Sean kicked off the initiative with a personal contribution of $10K to CFOGFM's "Flint Child Health & Development Fund." Sean also took to social media to share his view on the current tragedy.

"I am devastated by the water crisis that has put the entire city of Flint in a state of emergency," said Sean. " I'm recognizing the great work that the Community Foundation of Greater Flint Michigan has been doing, it is my hope we can help by raising money needed to ensure that the children who have been hit the hardest receive the care that they need today and well into the future." 

Big Sean also posted to Twitter to share his feelings on the situation.

Big Sean is alongside celebrities such as Meek Mill, Cher and Pearl Jam, who have all donated to Flint, Michigan.

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